The Writing Hub offers a range of 90-minute master classes.

These master classes are free for IU students, faculty, and employees.

Every master class focuses on a specific writing issue and suggests numerous practical activities.

A question-and-answer session will take place at the end of every master class.

You will need to register to participate in a master class.


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Delivered on:
25 October, 2021

Delivered by:
Oksana Zhirosh, English Division

What about:

You will learn:
- why use other sources in your scientific paper;
- what constitutes plagiarism;
- IEEE and APA requirements for selecting and using references.

You will practice:
- paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting
- formatting citations;
- placing your citations within the scientific text;
- using previous studies or other sources in your scientific texts;
- giving and getting peer feedback.

Please, bring:
(1) a draft of your scientific writing, about three paragraphs;
(2) two or three sources you would like to cite in your draft.
To be delivered on:
to be announced

To be delivered by:
Rabab Marouf, English Division

What about:

You will learn:
- what text attack skills mean and why they are important in reading comprehension;
- strategies to comprehend texts;
- text attack skills and critical reading.

You will practice:
- identifying what the text writer wants to express;
- Interpreting discourse markers;
- applying the strategies for text attack skills.
To be delivered on:
to be announced

To be delivered by:
Guzel Fazlyeva, English Division.

What about:

You will learn:
- the difference between formal and informal writing; - the definition of redundancy and wordiness;
- the types of redundancies and wordiness;
- the reasons to avoid redundancies and wordiness.

You will practice:
- changing informal sentences into more formal ones; - removing redundancies and wordiness.