NIR 2022

Proceedings of the Third International Conference Nonlinearity, Information and Robotics 2022, August 24, 2022

Preliminary study: Exploring GitHub repository metrics

Guzel Safiullina, Aidar Gumerov, Gcinizwe Dlamini, Giancarlo Succi

Fusion of Data from Lidar and Camera in Self Driving Cars

Mohamed Ahmed, Alexandr Klimchik, Riby Abraham Boby

Computational Design of Closed-Chain Linkages: Synthesis of Ergonomic Spine Support Module of Exosuit

Olga V. Borisova, Ivan I. Borisov, Konstantin A. Nuzhdin, Alexey M. Ledykov, Sergey A. Kolyubin 

Gravity Compensator for Prismatic Joints

Albert Demian, Alexandr Klimchik

State Observer for Tensegrity Structures

Kirill Glinskiy, Sergei Savin

On Problem of Position and Orientation Errors of Large-Sized Cable-Driven Parallel Robot

Eugene Marchuk, Yaroslav Kalinin, Inna Vysotskaya, Alexander Maloletov

Formal asymptotics of parametric subresonance

Polina Astafyeva, Oleg Kiselev

Frequency, time, and spatial EEG-changes after COVID-19 during a simple speech task

Darya Vorontsova, Aleksandr Zubov, Marina Isaeva, Ivan Menshikov, Kirill Orlov, Alexandra Bernadotte

Reducing rotor vibrations in active conical fluid film bearings with controllable gap

Yuri Kazakov, Alexey Kornaev, Denis Shutin, Elena Kornaeva, Leonid Savin

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