About university


Education, research and development

in the field of IT and Robotics


Worldwide teaching experience in IT industry

All programs are conducted in English language


Highly qualified teaching staff

263 professors and academic staff from 24 countries with experience in global leading IT companies


International and academic cooperation

53 academic partners around the world, including leading universities and CERN

12 191

grant applications in 2021


new students


Bachelor’s program offers a degree in «Informatics and Computer Science».

Master's programs offer degrees in the following fields: AI and Robotics; Software engineering; Cybersecurity; Data Science.

Postgraduate program offers a degree in Theoretical foundations of computer science.

All programs are conducted in English language.

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Innopolis University contains 17 research laboratories and 9 scientific centres, as well as holds partnership with 153 leading IT-companies.

Students of Innopolis University obtain cutting-edge education and take on independent research projects in IT and robotics. At the end of studies students implement an industrial project, which is counted as their graduation work.

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The Centre in the field of Robotics and Mechatronics was established at Innopolis University in 2018.

It conducts scientific research, creates educational programs in priority areas of robotics and implements industrial projects.

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Educational and laboratory building

30 161 square meters

– 27 lecture rooms for 1 140 people 

– 17 meeting rooms 

– 2390 square meters library area 

– 610 cafeteria seats 

– 309 parking slots 

– 96 bicycle parking slots  

Residential Venue

35 398 square meters 

 – total capacity: 1 074 people

 – 4 buildings 

 – rooms varying from 2-5 people in modern apartments 

 – 124 cafeteria seats

Sports Venue

8 602 square meters

– Swimming pool 

– Fitness facilities 

– Sports halls

– Multi-purpose sports grounds

– Football ground

– Tennis courts  

Annual report


172 events per year
55 student clubs

The University hosts conferences, forums, hackathons, summits and open lectures led by worldwide IT industry representatives. In 2020 the University held and organized 123 events, welcomed 72 delegations and 12000 guests.

Moreover, students are free to organize their own events. Every year IU is a host for a number of student events that vary from sports competitions and cybersports tournaments to dancing balls and board games championships.

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Жизнь офиса


Olympiads are included in the list of Russian Union of school Olympiads


educational sessions in Olympiad directions

35 000

participants per year

Olympiad activities and pre-University education 

• Occupational guidance for school student

• IT industry task review

• Assistance in choosing an IT field as a professional development area

• STEM-program training for high school students

The program includes a profound course in Robotics, Programming, Mathematics and Project activities. These classes develop students' skills and competencies to partake in various competitions, as well as help to get enrolled to Innopolis University for further education.

Innopolis University olympiads:

• Innopolis Open (computer science, mathematics, information security, robotics)

• National Technology Initiative Olympiad (intelligent robotic systems and FINTECH software engineering)

• Inter IT, digital skills olympiad for Russian-speaking residents of foreign countries

• ROST All-Russian project competition

• Asia-Pacific computer science olympiad

• STEM Olympiad for students in grades 4-6

• European Olympiad in Informatics for juniors   

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