Teaching Excellence Center


Teaching Excellence Center

Center's Mission

Teaching Excellence Center at Innopolis University functions as a community of practice and aims to contribute to professional development of teaching staff through synchronous and a-synchronous scheduled and on-demand trainings and mentoring.

How do we understand teaching excellence?

An excellent teacher knows and easily admits the scope of their competence (e.g. says when he does not know something instead of giving a personal opinion as expertise) and is able to understand and match student's needs and capabilities, delivering a subject in a way that engages the student into the learning process, especially when it means the teacher has to learn and adjust. 

Knowing your subject, knowing your students, and knowing what you want to achieve with them. Based on this understanding implement and improve iteratively.  

Workshops For Teaching Assistants

As a part of TA's professional development and to establish the connection between the faculty and junior staff, during the whole year we organize meetings, talks and workshops for IU TAs engaging the representatives of the Dean's office.

The aims of these lactivities are to identify the needs of the TAs and provide support from the faculty side. Any ideas and suggestions from TAs can be discussed at the regular Dean's Office meetings and University Academic Council and further implemented in the university life. 

For the talks and workshops, we invite speakers from IU faculty to share their experience and expertise in teaching, research and career progression with the junior staff.

Instructional skills workshops

The Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW) was founded in 1979 in British Colombia, Canada, to quickly give classroom instruction skills to Engineers who had never had teachers training. The process is an intensive introduction to teaching in a higher educational setting and focuses on practical in-class skillsets and course delivery.


This process was brought over to Russia via Innopolis University in 2017 and has since been the critical training unit for Innopolis Faculty at all ranks. 

Innopolis University’s Trainers are the regional “local representatives” of the program for Russia. Our first faculty received their Trainer qualifications, from David Tickner, a founding member of the process, in 2018 meaning that we are entirely self-sufficient in the program.

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