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Innopolis University is glad to offer to all of its students an opportunity to participate in the exchange program to travel, study abroad, and gain skills essential to work globally after graduation.


A semester abroad is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities that is available to you during your undergraduate or postgraduate studies. It is an experience to be proud of and to remember for the rest of your life.

The opportunity to live and study in another country while earning credits towards your degree at Innopolis University is an amazing and exciting one. Study abroad and become an ambassador of Innopolis University!

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Find out more about the eligibility criteria to apply for the student exchange program.


Explore our study abroad destinations across all over the world.


Find our more about the procedure of choosing the courses at the host universities.

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The global network of Innopolis University constantly grows and already includes international universities with leading positions in the global rankings and well-known international research organizations.


At Innopolis University, we are trying to ensure that fears about the finance do not constrain our students from considering exchange programs.
Please, send your inquiries about the additional financial support for the students of Innopolis University to: international@innopolis.university
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IRO Global Merit Scholarship

Merit-based scholarship that recognizes student’s current and past academic and extra-curricular accomplishments.
The scholarship is intended to partially cover the personal expenses of the students of Innopolis University related to the student exchange program.


You might have lots of questions about studying abroad. Here are some of the most common questions and some helpful answers.
In the beginning of every semester every student gets an email from the international relations office with the attached handbook with description of the current and future opportunities of studying abroad and the information on how to apply.
Please, contact the International Relations Office for the current opportunities via email international@innopolis.university or personal visit to the room 503A of the main building of Innopolis University.
Totally, the International Relations Office is here to help you. In case of any difficulty or concern, please do not hesitate to contact the international relations office via email international@innopolis.university or personal visit to the room 503A of the main building of Innopolis University. Besides, there will be a pre-departure week organized for the group of the outgoing students who are going on exchange in the same semester.


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