Center for Artificial Intelligence
Технологические центры
technological centers

Center for Artificial Intelligence

The Center develops promising artificial intelligence methods and techniques. Key activities: Implementing industry-specific projects for business and public sectors, auditing and consulting the companies in order to introduce machine learning methods in their activities, and scientific research and education in the area of artificial intelligence.

The head — Ramil Kuleev

Сайт центра

activity of the center

Center for Artificial Intelligence of the Innopolis University was founded in 2014. Its core competences are machine learning, computer vision, and data analysis. Scientific research and developments of the center are used in healthcare, energy industry, geoinformation systems, manufacturing industries, and other industries. Artificial intelligence studies are included in the Innopolis University Bachelor/Master Degree Programs and in its further vocational and corporate training programs.

Based on this technology, the center staff are solving the problems of recognizing and searching for objects, monitoring the changes, as well as preprocessing, segmenting, and classifying the images. Computer vision is used to solve applied problems in practically all industries where initial information is represented by images or videos, such as aerial and satellite images, medical images, flaw patterns, videos from video surveillance systems. 

Developing recommenders and decision support systems is a trend in artificial intelligence technologies. This technique emerged when automating processing flows and business processes in industry.

Based on the technology, algorithms were developed to capture and structure big data. The center staff create a system to control large amounts of text data for managing knowledge and R&D data. Technologies for storing, accessing to, and processing big data is an important part of industry-specific IT solutions.