Center for Information Security
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Center for Information Security

The Center implements high-technology research and consulting projects to protect the state and society against cyber attacks. 

It also provides training and does developments within the implementation of the arrangements of the federal project titled Information Security under the national program: Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.

Нead – Mikhail Seregin

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activity of the center

The Center provides licensing and license support of the University in the area of information security. Its experts conduct research to develop the new models, methods, and means of ensuring the cyber reliability of critical information infrastructure, including the development of digital cyber security platforms. A special attention is paid to launching new training and retraining programs in Information Security.

Experts of the Center have developed and are improving the innovative technology and an SDK titled Industry 4.0 Immune Defense. The SDK is first to allow accumulating and using the artificial «cyber immunity» to efficiently protect a critical information infrastructure against the previously unknown types of cyber attacks and malware (over 50 % of the total number of cyber attacks)

Laboratory staff have developed an innovative technology to detect destructive implant tools and «digital bombs» in critical information infrastructure, based on a deep semantic analysis and «ticketing» of digital economy applications, using dimensions and similarity invariants

Currently, homomorphic encryption systems, such as RSA, ElGamal, Paillier, Gentry-Halevi-Smart, Gribov-Mikhalev, and Burtyka-Babenko, are widely used to protect cloud-based computing. 

The laboratory performs exploratory research on the previously unknown vulnerabilities of cryptographic primitives and asymmetric key algorithms. These include studies based on quantum cryptanalysis, i.e., a modified Shor’s and Grover’s algorithm. 

The team has developed the relevant hardware and software package for the quantum cryptanalysis of cloud-based computing in the Python programming language within the Jupiter environment. The results suggest that it is possible to considerably enhance the cryptographic protection of the critical digital platforms of Industry 4.0.

R&D in the following areas: 

– IT security incident response technologies (CERT) based on groundbreaking NBIC technologies

– Trusted cognitive supercomputer-based high- and ultrahigh-performance technologies

– Adaptive Security Architecture technologies

– Trusted DeviceMesh and Advanced System Architecture technologies 

R&D cover the following areas: 

– Smart technologies to ensure the information security based on big data and streaming data (BigData + ETL)

– Technologies of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

– Technologies of Hardware Security Modules (HSM); trusted cloud and fog computations, and virtual environments

– Technologies of Quantum Analysis and Cryptographic Protection of Cloud-Based Computing

In the department, the key attention is paid to the issues of practical security under the Information Security of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program in the areas that are demanded today already, but are not sufficiently presented in the national science and practice due to their novel nature, namely: 

– Secure 4G+ and 5G mobile technologies

– Technologies of computer-aided simulation of security situations and forecasting the opponents’ behavior (WarGaming)

– Technologies of the dynamic analysis of program codes and analytic verification