Andrey Sadovykh

PhD, Sorbonne University, France, Associate Professor, Institute of Software Development and Engineering, Lab of Industrial Production of Software

  • Education:

    Computer Science

Dr. Andrey Sadovykh received his M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) in 2001, PhD degree (Airbus company program) in Computer Science from Sorbonne University (France) in 2005 and MBA degree in Digital Business from HEC Paris School of Management (France) in 2014. Dr. Andrey Sadovykh was the Head of Research Unit at SOFTEAM (2006 – 2018), the 1st innovative SME in France and 3rd in the whole EU, which is recognized by Systematic Paris Region in mid-cap category. During his work he conducted research in applied model-driven engineering in 15+ projects, coordinated 5 projects, contributed to standardization with OMG, contributed to Modelio product development. Dr. Sadovykh has ten years` experience in research projects in IT in a cross-cultural international context and strong experience in R&D and software publishing. He successfully leads several international consortia in collaborative projects involving large industries, SMBs and academic partners.

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