Networks and Blockchain Lab
Джанкарло Суччи
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Lab of Networks and Blockchain

Computer networks are the pinnacle of communication, as well as information systems. The unprecedented advancements in networks and the Internet, have undeniably enabled applications that are not only exciting, but also add value to our lives in almost every aspect. However, over the last decades, despite the surge in advancements in the cyber world, security has become one of the most daunting challenges that is not only causing threats to the services offered by the technologies but can also endanger human lives. 

Cybersecurity is a general term that refers to the body of technologies and practices of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation. The rapid market growth of Internet and communication technologies is being fueled by the current technological trends including the onslaught of initiatives with ever-evolving security requirements, for example connected car technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services and other novel networking and computing paradigms. Major areas covered in cybersecurity are application security, information security, and network security. The spectrum of cybersecurity is huge but the primary focus of the lab will be on the network part of the cybersecurity whereas other aspects of cybersecurity will be secondary topics.

The mission of Networks and Blockchain lab at Innopolis University is to focus on the networks, the security of networks, services, information, and applications as well as the role of emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.

Laboratory Activities

The lab aims to contribute towards meeting the cybersecurity needs of society by delivering the highest quality of research work. The other direction of the lab is to conduct research on the applications and security of blockchain technologies.

Research areas:

— Information, network, and cyber security and trust management 

Vehicular networks, vehicular clouds, and vehicular social networks 

— Internet of Things security 

— Future Internet Architecture with Content-Centric Networking (CCN) 

— Blockchain technologies for constrained environments 

— API security 

Emerging technologies in cybersecurity 5G and beyond networks 

— Coexistence of heterogeneous traffic types in future networks 

— Network optimization and resource sharing 

— Green Vehicular Networks 

— Resource optimization in the Internet of Things

— Resource optimization for smart cities, smart homes, smart factories and smart vehicular networks