Stanislav Protasov
Stanislav Protasov

PhD, Voronezh State University, Russia, Associate Professor, Insitute of Data Science and Artificial intelligence, Lab of Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation

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    PhD, Voronezh State University, Russia

Stanislav Protasov graduated from Computer Science department of Voronezh State University in 2009 and defended PhD thesis 2013. Since 2007 Stanislav worked as a software developer at DataArt, DHL, Parallels and Yandex. He was also lecturing at leading Russian universities: HSE, MIPT and Skoltech. Since 2019 he is a visiting professor at Harbour.Space university (Bacelona). Stanislav is now an assistant professor at machine learning and knowledge representation lab of Innopolis University. His works in machine learning, computer vision, data structures and high-performance computing. He authored a book "Let me explain: why programmer needs math".

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