Ruslan Saduov

PhD, Bashkir State University, Russia, Assistant Professor, Head of Lab, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lab of Social Sciences

  • Образование:

    Bashkir State University

Ruslan Saduov holds a cum laude degree in Philology, Teaching, and Translation from Bashkir State University. Previously, taught at Bashkir State University and held a position of Director of Fundamental Applied Linguistics Program. Designed and implemented courses such as academic writing, public speaking, forensic linguistics, translation praxeology. Candidate of Philology with a focus on linguistic landscape, multimodal texts, political and media linguistics, communication studies, and translation criticism. Authored and edited over 100 publications. Managed several grant projects (Russian Fundamental Research Grant, Russian Presidential Grant, Kostomarov Grant). Provider of translation and interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive) services.