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Shokhrukhbek Yursunjonov

Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan

Fall Semester 2022

Знакомство с Иннополисом

Secondly, Innopolis University offers courses in English and professors and teaching staff come from different countries and backgrounds. 

Thirdly, Cybersecurity has always been my passion, so when I read through the brochure of Innopolis Student Exchange program, I said to myself “I am going to study this track!”. The studying process at IU turned out to be quite challenging but engaging.


The last but not the least, Russia was the best choice for me because I can speak Russian as it is my second language. Since I reside in one of the CIS countries, I don’t have to go through the visa process. Moreover, prices for accommodation and food are close to the ones in my country. So, it is a win-win situation!


The program gave me a chance to meet students from different countries and backgrounds, Now I have friends from Brazil, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, Syria, and Egypt. Together with them we have worked on several team projects for different courses. 


Innopolis University is socially engaging, active, and fun. We have had numerous events such as student club fairs, workshops, talent show, football tournaments, movie nights, speaking clubs and more. 

I really liked Tatarstan republic, buildings, people, culture, and history of Kazan, Innopolis, Verkhniy Uslon, Sviyazhsk. Tatar language of course reminds me my native language. I think I will miss the Tatar cuisine, the people, and the warmness on their faces. 


Moreover, the nature of Innopolis is breathtaking as it is surrounded by forests, hills, and Volga river. With friends, we did hiking to the riverside. With the assistance of the International Relations Office of IU, we have visited historical places in Kazan and on the island of Sviyazhsk. 

To sum up, I can say that I learned a lot and I will never forget these memories. For all these things, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the International Relations Department of TUIT and the International Relations Office of IU for their support and the opportunity to study at such a great university.

другие истории

Eduardo Fernandes

<p> Innopolis University seemed like a great place for innovation and thinking outside the box. The infrastructure also appeared state-of-the-art, and the university staff is represented by the most respected professors and researchers in their fields. Furthermore, the idea of a city built as the IT center of Russia was very attractive, alongside all the great new technologies being built and tested here. I was expecting to be challenged to think and work outside my comfort zone, develop my ideas using the latest technologies and to learn a lot along the way in a practical manner. Fortunately, all my expectations were met and sometimes even surpassed.<br> </p> <br>

Zhakubayev Azat

I chose Innopolis University because it was interesting for me to see Russia, to see the city of Innopolis, to get acquainted with the teaching methods at IU, since this university is one of the newest and most developed ones in the country.

Bekhruz Nutfilloyev

I did a lot of research and I chose Innopolis because the environment and atmosphere here is great. All my expectations were met. Most importantly, high quality education. I really liked the study system, focused on team projects and research.

Del Yan

<p> I learned about Innopolis University from my classmate who studies here, it was very interesting for me to see all this live. I heard a lot of great reviews and when I saw the exchange program I quickly made a decision. I took part in the student exchange program to learn a lot of new things and gain knowledge for myself that will be useful in the future. Also new acquaintances were very important for me. </p> <br> <br>

Nils Becker

<p> I chose Russia as a country, because I always wanted to travel to Russia and Russia is a global player in terms of IT. The decision on Innopolis University fell shortly after. The overall presentation of the university on the website caught my attention. The young and contemporary profile as well as the available subjects at IU convinced me to apply. Furthermore, the possibility of on-campus accommodation and the access to the sports complex were a big plus for me.  </p> <br> <br>

Ramazan Bolat

I have chosen Russia because of the location and resemblance in terms of mentality. I had not been to Russia before, just did a one-day transfer in St. Petersburg.

Yaroslav Mustafin

<p> For me, the availability of education and housing is important. Compared to all other exchange programs, Innopolis is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio. I am a resident of Kazakhstan, Russian is my native language, and I am also Tatar, this also played a role. </p> <br> <br>

Bakhtiyar Bauyrzhan

<p> I have chosen Russia and Innopolis University because it is quite close to Kazakhstan and Innopolis University is one of the best IT universities in the country, also I can speak Russian. I came here to gain new experience and professional skills. </p> <br> <br>

Dastan Makhutov

I chose Innopolis University because I wanted to look at one of the best universities in the CIS in the IT field.

Rafael Toizhanov

<p> I read about Innopolis University before the trip and found out that it was on the top of the Forbes list for IT specialties, the city is fully focused on IT development. Russia is close to Kazakhstan, the language and mentality are very similar. All these factors motivated me to study at Innopolis. </p> <br> <br>

Nikita Niakhai

<p> Hello! My name is Nikita, I am from Belarus and my home university is BSUIR. I have been traveling a lot lately. When I learned about the opportunity to go to Innopolis for an exchange, I became interested and began to actively learn about this place. </p> <br> <br>


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