Salimzhan Gafurov

Salimzhan Gafurov


Senior researcher

Head of the Autonomous transport systems Laboratory

Знакомство с Иннополисом

What was my idea of Innopolis before I met it? It looked empty, with lots of further work to do. But when I arrived I saw that behind this small and seemingly powerless city lies everything that all of us need. Here you can not only see the birth of ambitious projects, but also be their creator; you are exposed to unlimited opportunities for your development. And when you develop, everything around you develops.

I joined a small team with a huge number of tasks. We became one of the largest laboratories in one year. To say that it was difficult during this time is not to say anything. None of our days are like the previous ones, we have to study every stage of development and keep this pace. When Group challenged us to create a prototype of an unmanned car for the metropolis with a deadline of 3 weeks, everyone understood that this was a chance that should not be missed. We accepted this challenge, met this deadline and had a success!

Each of us believes in what we are doing and is willing to take risks for something new. Together we find new solutions, achieve our goals, and I am proud to lead such a team!

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Innopolis University is small in size, but large in its uniqueness. Here we have an immense space for imagination, we can solve big problems, develop our potential. The goal that I'm trying to reach here with this team is not just implementing R&D, not just developing prototypes. Our goal is to change the course of people's lives, their habits, their thinking, to make people's dream of unmanned transport a reality.


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