Карьера шапка

Farid Gainullin

System administrator

Administrator of services and databases

Coordinator of the user technical support group

Head of the information technology Department

Знакомство с Иннополисом

Innopolis University grew right before my eyes and I grew up with it. I came here in 2013 as a system administrator. At that time, the University only had 15 employees. We were based in several rooms on a Trade Union street in Kazan.

In 2015, we moved to Innopolis. We were most impressed by the architecture of the University campus. And the main building turned out even better than on the layouts. The more projects the University had, the more people started to come in.

The University employs professional and very versatile people. For instance, you can meet your colleague in a sport complex in the morning, in the university library in the afternoon and play quiz game with him in the evening. Internal corporate training is organized for employees, colleagues share their experience and knowledge in their fields. This helps to grow not only professionally, but also develop different soft skills.

While the University was growing, an IT department developed too. Now we employ 11 people. If at the beginning of the journey the level of service was tied to a specific person, then within 6 years we have managed to implement a system for receiving applications within automatized standard procedures. For example, we have fully automated the creation of virtual machines for student learning purposes. Now they no longer need to write a request for this, they create their by themselves virtual machines on the portal.

Об универстите

From the very first day of my work at the University I closely communicated with colleagues and tried to learn something new, and the head of the department noticed it. As the department was growing, so were my responsibilities. In 2016 my role turned to Technical Support Group Coordinator with 4 people in our team. 3 years later I became the Head of the Information Technologies Department. I am sure that my growth would not have been possible without interaction with colleagues and continuous self-development. Not once in my entire career have I regretted that I once went for an interview at Innopolis University. I have met a lot of interesting people, had exciting work, faced ambitious and challenging tasks.


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