Academic exchange

Academic exchange is a unique opportunity to spend a part of a study program at one of the world’s universities. This is a great chance, and not only in terms of education: exchange promotes global collaboration and intercultural understanding. In the world that turns to become cosmopolitan, it is important to have an international background. Academic exchange is an improving, life-changing experience. We invite you to try it!

Innopolis University promotes international academic exchange and develops a solid network of partner universities.

The first Russian IT university encourages its students to participate in exchange programs and is happy to welcome incoming exchange and visiting students.

At a glance

1 semester at Seoul National University (South Korea)

Anastasia KozarСBachelor student

I know people who believe that academic exchange is fun. Indeed, it is exciting but not easy. In addition to two regular lectures and a home assignment once a week we get a laboratory task that takes as much effort as a month-long project. Besides, we have a three-hour practice and tests on assembler, machine code, hardware and operating systems. Luckily, at Innopolis University I had a course in Operating Systems by Professor Giancarlo Succi which helps me to deal with the last of these.


1 semester at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain)

Viktor VasilenkoMaster student

There are only two programmes delivered in English. Meanwhile, everyone who studies at any of these has to choose courses and make their own curriculum. My program looks as follows: it consists of Robotics courses to 4/6 and of disciplines in Data Science, including genetics, and a mathematical course on Kernel-Based Machine Learning to 2/6. I enjoy the fact that students have an opportunity to decide what courses to take. In addition, you can select courses from the first and the second year of Master's degree programmes