Lab of Operating Systems, programming languages and compilers

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Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Lab of Operating Systems, programming languages and compilers

Programming languages (PLs), together with the corresponding tools (compilers, runtime support systems, linkers, libraries), are a key aspect of any software development. The characteristics and quality of languages and tools directly affect the software development quality and its compliance with the requirements. For these reasons, studies related to the analysis of all aspects of the PL (such as general design, static and dynamic semantics, compilation and interpretation issues, and much more) have not only applicable nature but also great fundamental importance.

Head of the laboratory – Eugene Zouev

activity of laboratory

Professional and research interests of the laboratory as a whole and of the members of the lab lie in the following areas: 

— Programming languages: analysis, design, comparison

— Programming language implementation: compilers, interpreters, JIT tools and technologies

— Languages’ static and dynamic semantics

— Object-oriented approach; generic programming patterns

— Program static analysis, language & program metrics 


Eugene Zouev

Head of laboratory 

Nikolai Shilov

Assistant professor

Anastasiya Puzankova


Nikolai Kudasov 


Andrey Vlasov



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