Lab of Cyber-Physical Systems

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Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Lab of Cyber-Physical Systems

The lab focuses on the software aspects of the development and the operation of cyber-physical systems. In particular: 

- Software development: development approaches and tools able to support the development of CPS. In particular, it focuses on the applicability of Agile approaches and open source use to reduce the costs and the time-to-market. Moreover, it investigates the impact of such approaches on the certification requirements. 

- Software quality: analysis of the evolution of the quality of software systems considering the maintenance requirements of CPS. Moreover, testing large systems is an important aspect that is considered from many points of view. 

- Data collection and analysis: with the development of the new connected devices the number of data sources is increasing dramatically. Identifying and managing useful information to create business value is a new challenge that is relevant in many application domains (e.g., prevent failures, schedule ad-hoc maintenance, monitor the usage, etc.) 

Head of the laboratory – Alberto Sillitti

objectives of the lab

- Internationally excel in the research on the software and physical aspects of cyberphysical systems 

- Improve (reduce costs, shorten development time, increase quality, etc.) the development of CPS through:performing quantitative analysis of how software is produced, maintained, and operated; developing novel approaches to support software development; develop support tools; data analysis and prediction; modeling and simulation) 

- Train the new generation of researchers exposing them to both empirical and theoretical challenges

-Train the new generation of professionals able to address the evolving IT challenges providing them a strong theoretical and practical background


 Alberto Sillitti

Head of the laboratory, PhD University of Genova

Mohammad Reza Bahrami

Faculty member

Mohammad Fahim

Assistant professor

Victor Nikiforov


Ilya khomyakov 

PhD student

Sourabh Pal

PhD student

Rufina Mirgalimova 

PhD student


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Development of a methodology for the adaptation of the Agile approaches to the development of CPS


Development of a set of tools for the analysis of the quality of CPS


Definition of an agile requirements management approach for the development of CPS


Definition of an infrastructure for the collection, sharing, and analysis of quality data